Nebraska Families for Homeschooling 2021 Annual Conference

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October 8-9, 2021

- Israel Wayne is this year's main speaker -

Hurray! We are so excited for our fall Nebraska Families for Homeschooling Conference! Join us October 8 & 9th for a fun and memorable weekend together as a family at Hillcrest Evangelical Free Church in Seward, NE! 

Parents are invited to attend for a weekend of refreshment, encouragement and fellowship. We are so honored to have Israel Wayne as this year’s speaker for the parents at the NFH Family Conference. We know firsthand that homeschooling is a huge commitment, and we applaud you for it! The focus for the weekend will be on the family and inspiring parents in their invaluable mission of homeschooling. We are honored to have Israel Wayne - homeschool dad, author and conference speaker who is passionate about teaching others to defend the Christian faith and develop a Biblical worldview join us for the weekend. Parents are also welcome to check in on their children at the Kids Conference at any time, although only a parent or authorized individual may remove a child from the care of the Kids Conference staff. 

Tadpoles (ages 1-2) will be hosted by our sweet staff who will sing to, pray for, and take care of your adorable babies while they sleep and play. 

Tree Frogs (ages 3-4) will enjoy this exciting and interactive, play-learning environment. They will discover truths from God’s Word, play, and rest. It will be a wonderful time of learning and playing. Parents will need to provide each child with a sack lunch.

Children (ages 5-12) will engage in a captivating drama, learn delightful songs, memorize Scripture verses, enjoy object lessons, participate with hands-on projects, and play a variety of games. This program should not be viewed as merely childcare: it is intended to deliver a Bible-based message in a memorable and fun way. Since this program involves age-integrated small groups, siblings will stay together unless requested otherwise. Parents will need to provide each child with a sack lunch.

Young Teens (ages 13-14) are invited to attend our Leaders in Training (LIT) program. This allows young teens to attend and enjoy the large group sessions that they have grown to love as children. During the small group times, the teens will be taught, 10 Steps for Effective Teaching, Properly Introducing Songs, Stories, and Verses, The Art of Storytelling, and so much more. They will be given tools and hands-on experience to help them become effective teachers for children and will be given the basics they will need to return as staff if they so choose. Parents will need to provide each LIT student with a sack lunch. 

Teens and Young Adults (ages 15+) are welcome to join our volunteers and help staff the Tadpoles, Tree Frogs, Children’s Program or LIT training. They are also welcome to join their parents if that is preferred. Meals will be provided to all volunteers aged 15 and older. Teens and young adults will need to register under the Volunteering page.


Master Books We are privileged to have a Master Books display this year! Let us know what you’d like to see or what books you’re planning on using for the coming year. Some books will be there only to page through, but a few will be available for purchase on-the-spot! Haven’t heard of Master Books before? They cover all subjects and all grades, are committed to a biblical worldview in all subjects,their books are beautifully published, and,easy to use ‘open-and-go’ curriculum. They have publications from such noted authors as Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, and Dr. Jason Lisle, Check out more about them at


Friday 8:45 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday 8:00 am - 4:45 pm


Rates for this year's NFH Family Conference are:
Couple - $110 (Children that are in nursery (ages 0-4) are free of charge)

For ages 5-14:
1st child - $35
2nd child - $25
3rd child - $15
With gratitude for an anonymous gift this year, we are excited that the fourth and fifth children between the ages of 5-14 registered in a family are FREE!

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Price: $ 110.00
With gratitude for an anonymous gift this year, we are excited that the fourth and fifth children registered in a family are FREE!